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Siegehold is a traditional tower defense game with five base tower types:

  • Machine Gun Turret: Aims and fires rapid fire bullets at nearby enemies
  • Quad Gun Turret: Shoots in all four directions
  • Frostblaster Turret: Occasionally shoots blasts that slow enemies
  • Flamethrower Turret: Occasionally shoots blasts that deal massive damage
  • Metal-Eater Turret: Occasionally shoots blasts that weaken enemies defenses

The objective is to reach wave 10 in each of the four levels by defeating all enemies before they escape the map. Turrets are purchased using currency dropped when enemies are defeated. Enemies are divided into tiers based on colors with varying health and movement speeds. When an enemy is defeated, it will convert to a lower tier color version of itself. The game was developed with customization in mind, as it was primarily created for a Game Making Club. Inside the Unity editor, the game has many tools for customization. The backgrounds and pathways can be painted in-editor and turrets/enemies can easily be added or modified.

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