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Pipeline 3 is a puzzle game about moving fluids into the goal pipe. You can select from a ever growing palette of tiles to interact with the simulation and get the fluids or objects where you want them to be. By pressing alt while placing or by double clicking on an existing tile, you can switch it to its alternative form (IE: Normal Tiles become acid vulnerable in their alternate form). Each tile and fluid is subject to a temperature simulation and will exchange temperatures on contact. If fluids reach certain temperatures, they can freeze or vaporize. 

Complete Tile List:

  • Default Tile, a simple square that prevents fluids and objects from passing through
  • Cracked Tile, will permanently disappear when in contact with acid.
  • Spinner (Clockwise & Counterclockwise) will spin in their respective direction, flicking away water and objects with great speed. There is also a variant that is attached to a default tile to prevent leakage.
  • Duck/Boat can be moved by fluids, will trigger buttons when in contact.
  • Grate, will allow water through, preventing ice,
  • Vent, will allow only gas through.
  • Bomb/Nuke will explode and destroy tiles nearby, also greatly heats up fluids.
  • Heater/Cooler will heat/cool things that come into with it.
  • Wall Tile/Weighted Wall Tile, blocks fluids from passing through and can push buttons. Weighted variety can only be moved with sponges.
  • Yellow Sponge, will grow when in contact with liquid fluids, shoves objects and walls aside.
  • Green Sponge, will shrink when in contact with liquid fluids.

Unlockable/Nonstandard Tiles:

  • Button (Enabled/Disabled) can have it’s state inverted when in contact with objects such as a duck/boat/wall.
  • Gate (Enabled/Disabled) will allow all objects to pass through if all buttons are enabled and all circuits are closed.
  • Water/Acid/Lava/Nitrogen outlets, will dispense their type of fluid at liquid temperatures.
  • Blockage/Void tiles, will have no effect in gameplay other than preventing tiles from occupying the same space.
  • Goal/Anti-Goal, will give or remove points when fluids come into contact. Also release a low room temperature effect.
  • Laser/Cool Laser will emit a long range laser that will cool or heat to extreme temperatures.
  • Super Laser/ Super Cooler Laser, on a fixed timer, will emit large rays that will destroy many tiles placed by the player in its path.
  • Time Block, will slow down time based on the button state.
  • Electric Generator will give liquid water the electrified status.
  • Electric Goal, will act as a button, but will only report as clicked when electrified water is in contact with it.
  • Gravity Modifier, will increase/decrease/counteract the effects of gravity in the level.
  • Wind Modifier, will add a constant horizontal force either left or right.

Game Details There is 100 levels in total, with the 100th being a large gauntlet type level with many parts. Every 11 levels is a “Boss Level” meaning it has a much higher difficulty compared to the previous levels. After the boss level, a new background will be introduced. Backgrounds unlocked in play mode will be unlocked in doodle mode, and after the clearing of the 100th level, more tiles will be unlocked as well. Level codes can be output in Doodle mode and pasted into other instances of the game in any computer. Users can share levels among each other by sending Level Codes to enter in game.

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