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Astronomous (2021) is the latest game in the Astronomous series. The objective is to eliminate all enemy ships in each level. WASD or Arrow Keys to move, Shift to use FTL speed, Spacebar fires. Holding down the spacebar in some ships charges weapons for larger blast damage. There are 25 levels in total, in ascending difficulty. Based on how fast players clear a level, they are awarded up to three stars. Once you reach a certain amount of stars, you unlock new ships:

Default Ship: 0 Stars | Laser based attack, allows charging for large spread shot.

Photon Sabre: 9 Stars | Sword based attack, occasionally can send out javelins when released.

Shotgun Blaster: 18 Stars | Slow charge up attack, but once fully charged attacks a massive area. Individual shots often miss, but once charged, the sheer numbers solve that issue.

Minefield Layer: 27 Stars | Lays mines that detonate over time. When in proximity to enemy ships, the mines will stick to their hulls, and countdown significantly faster. Beware of friendly fire!

Virus Hijacker: 75 Stars | Requiring 100% completion of the game, allows the player to become the first ship that they attack in a level.

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